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Our CNC production facilities in the area of turning and milling enable complicated 3D structures to be made cost-effectively. As specialists for complex and precise machining, we offer our customers the production of series-production parts (sample and prototype parts) made of the most varied materials, such as aluminium, steel, stainless steel, plastics, NF metals and special materials.

In order to be able to react flexibly to different orders we use plant of a variety of sizes.

Our comprehensive quality management ensures the continuous quality of our production in every single step.

You will receive all parts checked and ready for use to immediately integrate them into your further production process.

Aluminium parts production


Specialising in the production of aluminium parts (vehicle bodies) for the automotive industry, our machinery includes several five-axis high-speed portal milling machines for working large areas of light materials.

They enable complex parts to be worked on in a work area of 600 mm in the X-, 1500 mm in the Y- and 1050 mm in the Z-axis.

This allows us to produce complex workpieces with the highest demands for both precision and perfect surface quality.

Precision in perfection