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The core competence and heart of GmbH is the production of complex modules.

These can be assembled out of parts supplied by you, out of parts we produce or out of a mix with free-issue parts. We will also take over the procurement of the necessary purchased parts, of course. Quality controls before, during and after assembly are a matter of course for us and are part of our quality concept. Quantities, whether small or large, do not play a role here.

Exactly coordinated work steps, high production flexibility and expert assembly teams make us a valuable partner.

Module assembly
with the best quality

– Mechanical, electronic and pneumatic assembly

​- Functional checks / Leak tests

​- Visual checks with cameras

​- Series sizes: 100 -100,000 pieces

​- Line supervision on customer premises

Manual assembly systems

and automated assembly lines


There are manual assembly workplaces, flexible working times and state-of-the-art automated assembly lines for assembling mechanical, electronic and pneumatic modules. They are individually adapted to customer-specific requirements. A specially constructed ESD area protects the components from static electricity charges.

Automated or manual – the working steps of a module are automated as far as possible. Depending on the components, there are work steps that require hand work, such as ultrasound welding, bonding, affixing screws, drilling, riveting etc.

At a customer’s request we will also carry out leak tests during our assembly work, reliably and exactly in accordance with customer-specified requirements and always comprehensively documented.

Project documentation of work steps, final checks and functional tests are traceably documented.

With the expansion of our production area we have invested in additional automated assembly lines that guarantee fault-free module assembly of complex assemblies. The focus is on producing coolers, cables, blowers, pumps etc. for the automotive industry.

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