Produktion aus einer Hand – Ihr Vorteil:<br />
Die reduzierte Lieferkette bewirkt Zeitersparnis, Kostenersparnis, garantierte Lieferfähigkeit auch in Krisenzeiten, dokumentierte Lieferqualität sowie eine positive CO2 Bilanz.


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Taking responsibility – acting sustainably

At, we are not following a trend in establishing sustainability in our company. We are doing this out of conviction, and have done so for years. Our environmental management system has been certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001 : 2015 since 2017 and is regularly reviewed in sustainability audits.

​We all do everything we can to keep the company’s ecological footprint as small as possible.

​We have regional roots and invest in the region. We enlarge our capacities on site and expand. In accordance with the principle of “short distances” to create a positive CO2 balance, starting with material procurement we prefer to use suppliers from the region if possible. We attempt to use short distances for material flows, disposal logistics and all other logistics processes.

We rely on manufacturing processes that conserve resources, on responsible management and on energy-efficient production.

​We work with raw materials that can be recycled. When processing workpieces, we calculate so that only small quantities of recyclable materials are returned.

​We only use high-quality production machinery for our production processes. Thanks to regular maintenance, customer service and cleaning, we guarantee the longevity and reliability of our machinery.

​We placed a great emphasis on energy efficiency in the new building.

By using heat recovery, all the heat generated during our production process is fed back into the production circuit and used to heat the buildings, reducing harmful emissions to a minimum.

​We are committed to handling valuable raw materials consciously. Thanks to proper separation and disposal, our raw materials are integrated in our disposal logistics process.

Regular environmental protection management contributes to reducing the consumption of raw materials and to ensuring that resources are handled consciously and economically.

Reworking – the


Umarbeitungen –
die nachhaltige Lösung

Umarbeitungen –
die nachhaltige Lösung

From very early on, we have relied on enabling products to have a long service life and avoid continuously producing everything new.

Technical details are added to our customers’ articles and reworked as part of a modular system.

Existing articles are adapted by expansions and additional mechanical processing steps for new modules as part of article modifications. This cuts your production, warehouse and scrap costs, protects the environment and positively influences the CO2 balance.